New Project! Lets see where this one goes...

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New Project! Lets see where this one goes...

Post  zóné on Sat May 18, 2013 5:30 pm

I'm new to this and haven't ever done any game programming as of yet so don't know yet where this project will go! :/ I am looking at the tools required to start and came across a good sounding tool called gameboy development kit (gbdk) i have downloaded this and extracted the files then put them straight off the C:\ directory as it stated in the readme but i need to get the .bat files to execute. I'm running windows 7 so from what i have learned so far is that autoexec.bat has been removed from later windows??:/ is this true? if so how do i get around this? any help would be greatly appreciated. Also so far this site seems pretty dead but overall looks like it could be a great site in the making.. is there anybody that still uses this site? Smile

Thanks in advance.. zóné


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